New Marvel Black Panther ESPN Trailer is out as Tickets go on Sale

Last week, Marvel announced a special preview for Black Panther would be showcased during the Championship Game to be broadcast on ESPN. Marvel has delivered on the promise and the preview has not only aired but also been released online in full glorious HD for all to view. Also, with this preview, Marvel is officially declaring tickets for Black Panther to have gone on sale.

The preview is a minute and a half TV Spot titled Rise that largely features shots we’ve seen in the previous trailers and TV Spots along with alternate takes. It supposedly features music by Kendrick Lamar, who we heard Marvel had roped in to score the movie. And finally, in the tradition of all Black Panther trailers released until now, it ends with the exact same car-flipping shot that sees T’Challa leap from one car to the next. We’ve embedded the video link below for your viewing pleasure; it’s a superbly edited spot that deserves to be seen in HD.

To reiterate, Tickets for Black Panther are now on sale in the United States. You can purchase them from Fandango hereBlack Panther releases in theaters on Feb 16, 2018. Click Here to follow our Black Panther coverage in the lead-up to the movie’s release.