Scenes released from The Defenders tease different character pairings

It’s just two days to go until Marvel’sĀ The DefendersĀ premieres on Netflix. All episodes are set to be available online on the same day the traditional Netflix style. With the main cast from all of its Marvel shows so far uniting along with many of the supporting players, there’s clearly a lot of room for different characters to interact with each other in a myriad of permutations.

The official Defenders Twitter account which also recently released a 3-minute featurette on the show has been steadily releasing short clips over the past week or so, teasing this very possibility. The clips below show for instance, Foggy Nelson interacting with Luke Cage, Misty Knight interrogating Colleen Wing and other such unusual pairings. Additionally, scenes have also been released that showcase what’s possibly in store for the upcoming 8-episode mini-series.

We’ve compiled all these scenes in a single post to make it easier for you folks to catch. Starting off, we have a one-minute sequence which was released as part of Comic Con that plays off between Sigourney Weaver’s Alexandra and the chief antagonist of past seasons, Madame Gao. From the looks of it, Alexandra is rather keen to move ahead with the next step of their plan despite some hesitation by Madame Gao. The way Alexandra puts her in place while subtle, should make it clear as to who’s in charge.

Next up, Matthew Murdock visits his favorite location, the church, to make a confession. While he denounced his role as the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, it’s quite clear he’s been itching to get back.

In the clip below, we see Foggy Nelson interacting with Luke Cage. One can assume that he has a role to play in getting Luke out of prison so early. It also goes that this along with the preceding scene would be a part of the show’s premiere episode that would mostly let the audience catch up with the different characters instead of jumping straight ahead into a team-up.

Misty Knight interrogates Colleen Wing in this meet that seems like Netflix’s way of whetting our appetites for a Daughters of the Dragon spin-off.

And finally, Alexandra greets an old friend who surprisingly turns out to be none other than our very own stick. Do the two share some sort of history?

We’ll update this post with more clips if and as soon as they’re released.

All episodes of The Defenders will be out on Netflix this Fri, Aug 18.