First Shazam TV Spot Drops, Trailer 2 Coming Soon

Finally, some progress. The first TV Spot for Shazam was dropped by Warner Bros. an hour ago featuring lots of new footage and scenes hinting at its prospective fun atmosphere. Zachary Levi looks like he’s having loads of fun as the minute-long trailer features a potentially iconic sequence showing Billy Batson transforming into the eponymous superhero mid-air.

Warner Bros. has been slow on marketing Shazam. Aside from a few promotional stills, the Comic Con trailer is largely what we’ve all seen of the movie. I suspect the studio is letting their latest DC Comics movie Aquaman hog the spotlight, a strategy which might have worked given its recent billion dollar gross. Things are about to change however as a new Shazam trailer is expected to drop soon, perhaps as early as the next 24-48 hours. That should hopefully kickstart the marketing and promotions for the movie as the trailer itself is rumored to feature plenty of new footage that’ll get fans talking (more on that, when the trailer arrives).

Shazam features Billy Batson who is granted the ability to transform into the titular hero by uttering his name. It stars Zachary Levi as Billy Batson / Shazam, Mark Strong as Dr. Thaddeus Sivana and Jack Dylan as Freddy Freeman alongside an ensemble of supporting characters and is set to hit theaters worldwide on April 5, 2019.