Check Out This Faux Spider-Man: Far From Home Clip From Jimmy Kimmel Live Feat. Deadpool & Daredevil References

Ever wondered what would it be like if Jimmy Kimmel appeared in a Spider-Man movie? Or if a Spider-Man movie somehow referenced his best comic friends Daredevil and Deadpool? Well, Kimmel just made fan dreams come true by debuting an exclusive clip from Spider-Man: Far From Home that features cameos by Deadpool & Daredevil costumes. Watch it below:

Disappointed? I’m sure you are by that last tag. This is merely a fake clip shot exclusively for Jimmy Kimmel live. It goes without saying that were it to be true, Marvel fandom would break the internet. Featuring Deadpool and Daredevil references in a Marvel Cinematic Universe film, even via names would be enough to send fandom in a frenzy. In a scene with Tom Holland reacting to their masks, fans would go haywire.

Unfortunately, this is merely a promotional clip and will not be a part of the movie. If the reaction to the clip is anything to go by though, Marvel ought to reconsider putting this in the movie.

Spider-Man: Far From Home releases in theaters on July 5, 2019. First reactions will be available next week.