It’s official: Spider-Man: Homecoming directors to direct Flashpoint

Flashpoint has been moving much slowly than Warner Bros. would’ve liked. After the departure of two directors from the project, directing duo John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein became the most recent contenders to helm the project. That deal was however not official then but there was a strong chance the duo would be finalized for the movie given the tone Warner Bros. aspired to create for The Flash’s solo outing. Now, that news is all but confirmed save for an official press release from Warner Bros.

Daley took to Twitter earlier today to post a less than subtle tweet confirming his involvement in The Flash solo movie. It features a GIF of Flash speeding atop the mountain. Check it out below:


It naturally follows then that Goldstein will be joining Daley in helming The Flash or Flashpoint or whatever it ends up being called. The directors recently had a release in Game Night which seems to have done well critically and commercially for its budget. They also wrote Horrible Bosses and Spider-Man: Homecoming, both of which received glowing reviews and ended up with more than decent box-office hauls. The duo specialize in a kind of dark humor that permeates throughout their projects although the Flash flick looks like it’ll feature less of the dark jokes and will be more comparable in tone to Homecoming. In fact, that movie along with Game Night were the deciding factors in Warner Bros. opting for them, which strongly indicates the tone they’re going for with Flashpoint.

Of course, with such a tumultuous development history, there’s still the chance that these directors end up leaving just like the other two, although something tells me they’re here to stay for the long haul. Here’s hoping Warner Bros. gives them the reins to the movie and doesn’t mess around with their edits. The Flash is currently without a release date; hopefully this news should change that soon.

Are you excited that The Flash movie is finally seeing some progress? Are you satisfied with Warner Bros’ choice of directors? Sound off in the comments below.