Where Is The Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer?

We know the drill by now. #SpiderMan trends on Twitter nearly every other day. Social media is abuzz with memes, theories and rumors disguised as reports. Everyone seems to have an answer. And yet, everyone is equally clueless. It’s the question that’s driving fans nuts. It’s evident in the headline but worth restating for emphasis:

Where exactly is the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer?

Or more importantly:

When will the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer release online?

From as far as I can recall, never has a Spider-Man movie generated this level of excitement (well, Homecoming did come close seeing as it was the first Spider-Man movie set in the MCU). And rightfully so. No Way Home is rumored to lean heavily into the Multiverse. Pulling a live-action Into The Spider-Verse of sorts, speculation suggests that we’ll be seeing Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield reprise their versions of the web-slingers that will be drawn into the MCU. Both actors are playing coy about it. Maguire refused to comment when a fan who snapped a selfie with him posed this question. Garfield chose his words carefully, revealing that he didn’t receive “a call”.

But even as the leads themselves are in denial, the beans have already been spilled. Alfred Molina, who played Dr. Otto Octavius in Spider-Man 2, outright confirmed that not only is he in the movie, but reprising the same role from the 2004 movie, mere moments after his final scene in the film. Jamie Foxx has also been confirmed as playing Electro, reprising his iteration of the character from The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Leaked plot theories abound, ranging from the formation of a cross-universe Sinister Six to all three Spider-Men battling it out on the streets of New York City to tragedies and pep talks from Garfield’s version to Spidey’s black-gold costume. And sure, a lot of it could simply be misdirection but at this point, the rumors are so strong, so plentiful and the opportunities so many that it would be a shame if Marvel ditches the idea and pulls off a WandaVision like Ralph Boner once again.

Convinced that No Way Home is worth the way? Well, there’s more. Prospects of Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock popping up as a lawyer straight from Netflix’s Daredevil to defend Spider-Man after the revelation at the end of Far From Home only add more spice to what is looking to be an already packed movie.

It’s no wonder then that Spider-Man: No Way Home is supremely anticipated and massively hyped. So I covered that. But what about the trailer?