The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Trailer Looks Every Bit Big-Budget As The MCU Movies

Marvel Studios had an investor meeting last week where they unveiled a slew of details about their upcoming slate of Movies and TV Shows. Among the many things shown and later released online was our first look at The Falcon And The Winter Soldier through an elaborate trailer. Unlike the brief Disney+ glimpse that we saw at the Super Bowl this year, this is a full-length trailer that lets us absorb the show’s impressive scope.

Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson feels the weight of carrying Captain America’s legacy from Avengers: Endgame and it’s quite likely that he eschews it for a while before finding his identity as Falcon. It’s possible that he truly becomes Captain America towards the end of the show but the trailer mostly shows him in his Falcon outfit. And I certainly haven’t seen him make as much use of the Falcon’s flight suit as I saw in this near 2-minute trailer. Bucky meanwhile looks dashing and fully looks to have recovered from his brainswashing although some amount of it might be dormant.

We also see the antagonists, among them primarily Baron Zemo. Zemo staring at what looks like a memorial of his family (or is it?) means he could still have some vengeance on his mind from the Sokovia incident in Avengers: Age Of Ultron. However, the subsequent shot of Bucky unloading a series of bullets could be the peace offering that he makes to Zemo who could finally decide to put all this behind him. Finally, Marvel tries to project a buddy-cop vibe to the show with the final conversation between Wilson and Bucky though it remains to be seen if it will follow that aesthetic or sequences like those will simply be played out for laughs

All of this combined with the impressive scale of the action sequences, which Sebastian Stan hinted at earlier this year, make this no less than a full-blown MCU movie. Only The Falcon And The Winter Soldier will be debuting on Disney+, the studio’s streaming platform in March 2021.