The Matrix 4: Yahya Abdul-Mateen II Is Excited How The Characters And Story Will Return 20 Years Later

The Matrix 4 may very well prove to be the underdog of blockbuster filmmaking. We’re hearing some really interesting things about it and a lot of tidbits seem to be echoing around certain pieces of information. In a new interview snippet with ET Canada, Matrix star Yahya Abdul-Mateen II further talked about some of those things and expressed how he’s really looking forward to seeing just how the characters and the storyline resurface and continue, 20 years later.

Additionally, Mateen is equally excited about what’s possible with technology today. The Matrix and its sequels were groundbreaking for the kind of ambitious visual effects they introduced in 1999 and 2003 respectively. Compared to where we are now, CGI tech was still in its early stages then so Mateen is equally excited at the stuff they’re able to pull off with today’s advances.

I’m excited to see how we can bring some of those characters back and bring that story 20 years later you know. The technology that The Matrix introduced back in what, 1999, into the new millenium, it was really stunning and it held up. Hopefully we can introduce some cool new things in this one as well. There’s a lot for those fans and a lot for new fans also.

Mateen had previously given another interview where he was profiled by THR. Much like some of the other actors, he called out the unique camera rigs that The Matrix 4 has been using that he hasn’t seen before. This particular tidbit has been cited multiple times by other actors as well so undoubtedly, Lana Wachowski is up to some seriously interesting stuff. Here’s his quote from that snippet.

I remember Keanu and his first line. I looked up, and there was Keanu, and I said, ‘Oh shit, I’m really in The Matrix,’ It was just Keanu in that voice. And the technology that Lana incorporated and the filmmaking, camera rigs that I’ve never seen before. It’s so ambitious. It was really interesting to be making The Matrix 4 at a time when the world was so warped and when reality was so distorted. It could creep in a little bit if you let it.

The Matrix 4 is currently slated for a December 22, 2021 release date although we’re unsure if it’ll actually make it.