Warner Bros. considering Kristen Wiig to play villain Cheetah in Wonder Woman 2

Only recently, news broke out that Warner Bros. was interested in getting Emma Stone for the role of the villain in Wonder Woman 2. After Emma Stone passed on though, it seems the studio has quickly moved to other options. Reports have started pouring in that Kristen Wiig is director Patty Jenkins’ second choice for the role of the villain. As the antagonist, she will square off against Gal Gadot’s titular Wonder Woman.

Kristen Wiig has starred in several movies in her decade long career with Mother and Ghostbusters being the more recent ones. She also voiced the characters of Agent Lucy Wilde and Ruffnut Thorston in Despicable Me 3 and How To Train Your Dragon 2 respectively. Her association with the much maligned Ghostbusters seems to have fans freaking out over her casting on social media, however fans should note that the studio and the actress are still under talks and nothing concrete has been finalized yet.

What seems to be final though is the appearance of villain Cheetah in the sequel to Wonder Woman. Considered to be one of her primary antagonists, there were rumors of Cheetah being in the movie a few days back when Stone was being eyed for the role. With a source like Deadline reporting the news, chances are strong Cheetah will be the one facing off against Gadot’s Wonder Woman in the Cold-War era setting of the 1980s. What’s also interesting is reports of Chris Pine reprising his role as Steve Trevor. Given his fateful ending in Wonder Woman and the fact that he was a young man in that World War I movie, it remains to be seen what trick the filmmakers pull to get him to the present-day setting.

Wonder Woman 2 is currently set for release on Dec 13, 2019.