What If Season 1 Will Have 10 Episodes, Season 2 Underway, Kevin Feige Reveals

Even though CCXP 2019 is long out of the way, tidbits of info from the said event continue to trickle out. One such interesting bit is a small interview with Marvel Studios President & Chief Creative Officer Kevin Feige who revealed something new about their upcoming Disney+ show What If? According to Feige, What If? will have 10 episodes per season. Moreover, from the way he said it, most of the work on Season 1 is done and they’ve moved on to work on Season 2.

This is a departure from what we had speculated before. Previously, it was said that Marvel will add one twist to each of the 23 movies in the Infinity Saga, leading to a natural assumption that Season 1 would contain 22-23 episodes. It looks like those twists will be spread out over multiple seasons, with Season 3 and beyond possibly focusing on exploring alternate narratives of Phase 4 movies.

What If? is currently some 18 months away from release and will premiere in 2021.