Avengers: Infinity War Trailer #2 Becomes Most-Viewed Second Trailer of all time

The recently released trailer for Avengers: Infinity War has gone on to set viewing records on its own. According to reliable sources at The Hollywood Reporter, the trailer is now the most-viewed second trailer of all time, having raked in a total of 179 million views. It surpasses the previous record holder Beauty and the Beast by a wide margin; that movie’s second trailer had 124 million views. In terms of overall trailer views though, the trailer comes in at No. 3, right behind the trailer for Horror Film It which garnered 197 million views and November’s debut trailer for Avengers: Infinity War which was viewed an astounding 230 million times across all platforms.

Second trailers generally tend to be viewed lesser times compared to the first trailer due to the fact that the general audience has already been exposed to a first look at the film, making it a bit less exciting. However, second trailers also tend to be the ones more heavy on explaining plot elements. In the case of Infinity War for instance, the first trailer was built more around the excitement of unifying all the diverse Avengers against the threat of the Mad Titan Thanos while the second trailer goes into a bit more detail to elaborate on the general goings on in the movie and explaining the Infinity Stones. The second trailer dipping effect can also be seen by looking at Marvel’s YouTube channel. While the first trailer uploaded there has close to 157 million views, the second trailer in comparison has a “measly” 43 million views. Regardless, this official theatrical trailer has view counts that most movies would kill for.

As a fun fact, the first Avengers movie trailers managed some rather small view counts in comparison. A look back at Marvel’s YouTube uploads shows that the debut trailer for The Avengers has 27 million views with the second trailer sitting at just 6 million. Even the Super Bowl Spot of Infinity War has more views (34 million) than both of these combined. How far has the Marvel Cinematic Universe come.

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