Captain Marvel Set In 1995, Triggers Formation of Avengers

As news about the Marvel Cinematic Universe appears to be sparse at large, us fans tend to jump onto the tiniest of bits. Only this particular bit may be something more than that. For a while, fans have known that Captain Marvel is a “period piece” set in the 90s. What was unknown was the year it will be set in, until now that is.

A press release from Disney on its Japanese site seems to confirm the exact year the movie takes place as 1995. That’s in line with internet speculation that the movie would be set in the mid-90s after Samuel L. Jackson’s look from the trailers was heavily scrutinized and deciphered to arrive at similarities with how he looked in 1994’s Pulp Fiction. This also sets the movie around 13 years before the start of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with 2008’s Iron Man and either 15 or 17 years before the start of The Avengers, depending on whether or not you believe that Spider-Man: Homecoming timeline snafu.

What’s also interesting is that the press release, loosely translated from Japanese, seems to hold Captain Marvel as the key that triggered the formation of the Avengers. She struggles with her memory throughout the movie, which is no secret given her amnesiac origins in the comics, but the role she plays in eventually leading Nick Fury to barge into Tony Stark’s Malibu mansion will be an interesting connection if it pans out. Now at this stage, this could either be just a translaton error or an exaggeration on the part of the marketing statement but if true, it’ll be interesting to see how Fury’s experience with Carol Danvers leads him to realize the importance of a superhero team-up.

We haven’t heard much about Captain Marvel aside from the trailer that landed in September. The movie itself releases on March 8, 2019. For now, consider checking our Captain Marvel related news and head on over to a gallery of stills here.