Joker Blu Ray To Release On January 7, Digital HD On December 17

Joker may be headed to home media sooner than we expected. The movie is expected to hit Digital HD as soon as December 17 and could arrive on Blu Ray on January 7. Listings for both releases have popped up; Amazon has the Digital release date whereas Blu-Ray.com has the Blu-Ray release date.

Joker Digital HD Listing

Warner Bros. revealed the info on the movie’s official Twitter account. Typically Blu Ray releases are spaced a few weeks apart from Digital HD releases. Joker follows that trend, with the Blu-Ray arriving 3 weeks after the Digital HD is out.

Joker became a smash hit for Warner Bros., accumulating over $1 billion against a $55 million budget, becoming the highest grossing R-rated movie of all time. People are clamoring for a sequel, which director Todd Phillips has stated can only happen if there’s a strong story to tell. Both Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix are still open to returning for a sequel, or at least haven’t shut down the idea completely.

Joker Blu-Ray Listing

With the movie already faring quite well in theaters (for a two month old film at least), it should be interesting to see just how much more Digital HD and Blu-Ray sales of Joker add to its final total.

Joker is currently running in theaters so catch it while you still can.