Spider-Man: No Way Home Fan-Edited Trailer Shows All Three Spider-Men, Andrew Garfield Saves MJ

Spider-Man: No Way Home may have gotten its second and presumably final trailer but the hype refuses to die down. Fan theories are in full swing and one prominent fan has made a trailer edit that features all three Spider-Men together. We already saw a photo version of this when Holland’s Spider-Man charges at Sandman, Lizard and Electro at once but seeing it in video along with a couple of other shots is something else.

The fan-made trailer has one more surprise: Andrew Garfield’s iteration of Spider-Man leaping to save MJ. The edit makes it seem that Garfield will be able to finally redeem himself after failing to save Gwen Stacy when she fell a similar way at the end of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (sorry for spoiling that, folks). This will be the moment that gives his Peter Parker some real inner peace.

The edit is quite convincing and expect these kinds of edits to become the norm in the lead-up to the movie’s release. I’m saying it again folks, if your memory is dusty, this is just the right time to rewatch all the older Spider-Man movies for nostalgia’s sake. Theories are getting crazier as well, including speculation that Dane DeHaan is back as Green Goblin. There may never be a Spider-Man moment like this ever again.

Spider-Man: No Way Home hits theaters on Dec 17, 2021.