The Wachowskis Returning As Matrix Reboot Directors, Filming Begins In 2020

The Matrix has been a franchise that’s been speculated to be rebooted more times than we can count. Rumors began as early as 2013 when The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions completed 10 years of release. Since then, every other year, reports of a Matrix remake or reboot circulate the web. That changed last year when Warner Bros. beganactively developing a Matrix film with Black Panther and Creed’s Michael B. Jordan set to star. Those rumors may just have been semi-confirmed now.

Both Discussing Film and The Geeks Worldwide are reporting that Matrix 4 is in active development. As is the case last time, it’s unclear whether this is a reboot, a remake, a sequel or a prequel. What we know is that the Wachowski Brothers are returning as directors (at least Lana Wachowski is pretty much confirmed to return) and Michael B. Jordan is set to star. The film has been developing in secret under the working title Project Ice Creamand has been steadily adding crew members leading up to its production start, with The Matrix art director Hugh Bateup also set to return as production designer.

Principal photography on the Matrix movie is expected to commence in 2020 in Chicago. The film is slated to be produced by Jordan’s Outlier Society Productions as well as Warner Bros. with an as-yet unknown release date. As with the nature of the film, plot details continue to remain under wraps. We also do not know if Keanu Reeves will return to the role of Neo, although with his newfound popularity after the success of John Wick and his surprise Cyberpunk 2077 role, it would be a great idea for Neo to return.

The Matrix remains one of science-fiction’s most iconic films, thanks to its revelatory concept and unique filmmaking that included effective use of Kung-Fu fighting techniques incorporated into action sequences, as well as the cinematic invention of bullet time – you know, that technique where the action slows down while the camera circles around in normal speed. It continues to remain Keanu Reeves’ biggest hit to date, although John Wick has managed to attain a somewhat similar level of following. As revered as the film series is, another installment has to be very careful not to spoil the legacy built by the movies thus far.

The Matrix reboot is currently being written by Zak Penn, whose writing credits include X2: X-Men United, X-Men 3: The Last Stand, The Incredible Hulk and a story for The Avengers that was purportedly reworked by Joss Whedon as well as the recently released Ready Player One. He previously sounded excited for the project. Here’s hoping he comes up with an interesting treatment.

Despite the confidence of these sources, I’d advise you to take this report with at least a few grains of salt for now. There’s no denying that Warner Bros. has been talking The Matrix internally for some time now and the Wachowskis could very well be involved but unless an official press release is outed, consider these reports cautiously. We’ll bring you more reports as the story develops, right here on Appocalypse.