Tom Holland Posts Cryptic Message, Did He Know About The No Way Home Leaks?

Spider-Man Tom Holland himself took to social media amid the frenzy caused by the No Way Home leaks and posted a cryptic message. In an Instagram story, Holland shared the text You ain’t ready, as if directly addressing fans for something big to come. The timing of the tweet however is a bit perplexing making us curious as to whether he’s hinting at an official thing or the leaks themselves.

Holland posted the story around 4 hours ago. The trailer leaked online over 6 to 8 hours ago. This could then mean one of two things. One, Holland is aware that the trailer is due out in the next 24 hours after it’s aired at CinemaCon. The story was simply a planned promotion to build up some hype and went out at the designated time as scheduled, independent of the leak itself. Two, Holland is well aware of the online frenzy that has been created by the trailer leak and is just trying to tease fans stating they’re still not ready for what’s to come.

Holland being the one posting the story certainly spikes my curiosity. He and Mark Ruffalo are known to be some of the most widespread distributors of accidental spoilers all over. Ruffalo in fact once famously gave away the ending of Infinity War in an interview, which fans picked up in retrospect after they realized it was true and he wasn’t kidding. Here’s hoping all these means only one thing: that the trailer drops online in an official capacity so we can begin discussing it and posting some official stills. I can’t wait to grab hi-res screenshots of Alfred Molina’s Doc Ock (not the leaked one) as well as Doctor Strange and Peter Parker in the same frame.

Spider-Man: No Way Home hits theaters on December 17, 2021.