War Movie Trailer Gets 20 Million Views In 24 Hours, Still Trending On YouTube

The first War movie trailer featuring Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff is off to a phenomenal start. Employing a cold-drop strategy, the teaser arrived out of nowhere and took over social media completely. Now, YRF reports that the first War movie teaser has garnered over 20 million views in less than 24 hours since its release.

The trailer has also been trending over social media as well as YouTube, where it’s sitting at No. 1 right now. While a comprehensive list of the most viewed online Bollywood trailers in 24 hours isn’t maintained, the view count of War is generally something that film trailers attain after spending a few days online, so it’s a great feat nonetheless.

It’s also worth noting that this 20 million view count is merely from the official Yash Raj Films YouTube channel, and that too for the Hindi-language version. A quick analysis reveals that the trailer garnered 2.7 million views from its Facebook upload alone. Additionally, the Telugu and Tamil versions have gained 1.2 million and 400,000 views respectively. Combined then, the first trailer for War has attained over 27 million views across all platforms, with the number set to grow hourly.

Producer Aditya Chopra dropped the trailer with minimal pre-promotional buzz to heighten the surprise element. The resulting trailer drop caught everyone by surprise, achieving the intended effect. Little is known about the movie’s plot, although word is that War will see Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff engage in a mentor-mentee sort of relationship, with the trailers hinting at Tiger going after Hrithik. The two will also have a dance-off to showcase their excellent dancing skills so there’s that to look up to.

War will release (rather ironically) on October 2, 2019, also known as Gandhi Jayanti. It will be directed by Siddharth Anand from a script by Anand and Shridhar Raghavan. Check out over 50 hi-res stills from the War movie trailer and follow out Appocalypse Hub for all the info on the movie. Also make sure to hit the Like button below to get all news directly in your Facebook feed.