Disney blocks six new release dates for Marvel movies after Avengers 4

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is making plenty of noise right now for all the right reasons. Black Panther is having a ball at the box office and only recently, Marvel Studios moved the release of Avengers: Infinity War one week ahead. But the juggernaut isn’t stopping there as Marvel owner Disney has now blocked six release dates for MCU movies that will follow the climactic Avengers 4. Even though the movies themselves have not been announced and we still don’t know what the untitled Avengers will be called, this news is the first major bit of news to hit about Marvel’s plans post Phase 3.

So far, the only two certainties to follow Avengers 4 are the sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming which arrives on July 2019 and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 mostly confirmed for May 2020. Beyond this, Marvel had a release slot for Aug 7, 2020 which has now been moved ahead to July 31, 2020. Now, Disney has announced the following six dates for films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe:

  • May 7, 2021: Untitled Marvel Cinematic Universe Film
  • Jul 30, 2021: Untitled Marvel Cinematic Universe Film
  • Nov 5, 2021: Untitled Marvel Cinematic Universe Film
  • Feb 18, 2022: Untitled Marvel Cinematic Universe Film
  • May 6, 2022: Untitled Marvel Cinematic Universe Film
  • Jul 29, 2022: Untitled Marvel Cinematic Universe Film

It’s unclear which films will occupy these slots but some educated guesses can be made based on the films that have released so far. For instance, the Feb 18, 2022 movie would very well be the sequel to Black Panther given how well that slot seems to have worked for the recently released movie. One of the May movies could be an upcoming Avengers flick while the Jul 2020 movie could be a Doctor Strange sequel. Really, the possibilities are plenty and we’ll probably take a deep dive into speculating which movies could release when. Suffice to say for now, we’re going to get at least 10 more Marvel movies in the next half of a decade.

Which movies do you think will release in these slots? Which movies would you like to see release after Avengers 4? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.