Loki Trailer Teases Time Hopping, Black Widow

With two live-action MCU Disney+ properties getting their official trailers, how could the third be far behind. With The Falcon And The Winter Soldier and WandaVision both receiving trailers, Loki has been rewarded with a full-fledged trailer of its own. The God of mischief is at it again, with his devilish grin and scheming, Loki will be looking to find a way to escape custody from the Time Variance Alliance, who have him under arrest for meddling with the timeline.

To drive home the point, Marvel Studios replayed a bit of the sequence from Avengers: Endgame where Loki seizes control of the Tesseract after his capture at the hands of the Avengers in 2012. The official plot synopsis suggests that Loki will need to protect the timeline from an evil version of himself playing havoc with times. Leaks from when the series was being conceptualized had pegged Loki as being a time-hopper who will travel from one timeline to another. The final shot with Loki being teleported by the bifrost sort of suggests this, unless the bifrost wasn’t deliberately triggered.

Perhaps the trailer’s most talked about point has been this frame that hints at the return of Black Widow. Well, it could still be Black Widow in another timeline or the past – after all, she does seem to sport her 2012 Avengers hairstyle rather than the 2019 Endgame one – but the magenta presence around her does sort of emanate Vormir vibes that we cannot shake. Nonetheless, it would be a disservice to have this be the talking point of the Loki trailer, especially when the trailer does a terrific job of setting up an intriguing premise and leading on with it. And yet, at the end, nothing does kinda quite make sense, which is exactly how I’d want it.

Oddly enough, the trailer begins with a shot of Loki lying in the desert that reminded me strongly of Tony Stark crashing there after his escape from the Ten Rings using his hand-built suit in 2008’s Iron Man. Another coincidence or yet another deliberate reference to some sort of altered timeline?

Loki is expected to premiere on Disney+ in May 2021.