Peter Parker swings by school bus in first Avengers: Infinity War clip

Until now, most of what we had seen from Avengers: Infinity War was from its teaser, second trailer and numerous TV Spots with a couple of behind the scenes interviews here and there. Now thanks to Movie Access, we have the first clip from Infinity War out there for our viewing pleasure. The scene in question is an extended version of the sequence which we’ve seen bits and pieces of in the Infinity War trailers. In the scene, Peter Parker coaxes Ned into causing a distraction as he swings by outside his school bus after spotting Thanos’ ship hover over New York City. Check out the full clip below.


The sequence plays out in a mad rush, almost as if tiny parts of it have been cut to speed up to the essentials. However, even this short clip is delightful as a hilarious Ned runs amok drawing everyone away as Spider-Man swings by to presumably join Tony Stark and help the Avengers. The clip also gives us a small taste and sense of the directorial style at play here. The Russo Brothers are known for being quick with their cuts to both convey a sense of urgency and avoid wasting any unnecessary time delving on action sequences, something that was prominently on display in both Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War. Preferring to move the action fast, they let the character moments play out slower and take their time. Finally, Alan Silvestri’s score in the short scene sounds epic, assuming of course that is his original score for the movie being played out.

What did you think of this scene? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Avengers: Infinity War is arriving on April 27 and looks poised to grab a huge opening weekend at the box office.