The Matrix Resurrections Official Poster Released

Amid all the hype surrounding Spider-Man: No Way Home and its recently released trailer, let’s not forget the other pivotal movies that are on the horizon. In a possible bid to remind us of this, Warner Bros. just dropped the first official poster for The Matrix Resurrections. The poster has Keanu Reeves front and center in his now-iconic and signature bullet-stopping pose with Yahya-Abdul Mateen II’s “Morpheus”, Jessica Henwick’s “Bugs” and ErĂ©ndira Ibarra lurking in the background along with Carrie-Anne Moss as Trinity.

Moss definitely looks off to me, simply due to how lean she looks. Overall, the poster looks sleek and is decently done but fans might find it too generic for a Matrix movie, especially after the insanely creative stunt they pulled off with the first teaser trailer. The San Francisco cityscape with its neon-lights reflects nicely upon Keanu Reeves and reinforces that Cyberpunk aesthetic. And if you look closely, you can probably also see someone standing on the rooftop of one of these buildings.

It’s possible we’ll get a combination of these generic posters meant to highlight the case alongside a few interesting, creative, off-beat ones that play around with the concept of the movie and what it means to be in The Matrix. Let me know what you think or how you feel about this poster in the comments below.

The Matrix Resurrections hits theaters and on HBO Max on Dec 22, 2021. Check out the first trailer here.