Captain Marvel Rises And Fights In Second Trailer

It’s here. The second Captain Marvel trailer premiered tonight at halftime during the Disney-owned ESPN’s Monday Night Football game. Doing a favor to their fans, Marvel has uploaded the trailer online on its official Marvel Entertainment YouTube channel. Running at 2 minutes 30 seconds long, the trailer shows Captain Marvel in all her glory, performing superhuman feats solidifying her status as one of the most powerful Avengers to grace the MCU. Have a look.

The trailer emphasizes the bonding between Fury and Carol further while also showcasing Carol’s powers as Captain Marvel in much more depth. The Skree are painted as the villains as we learn more clearly that Danvers has had a past on earth she’s unable to remember due to her amnesiac condition. The final sequence should really sell Kevin Feige’s claims of Captain Marvel being one of the strongest heroes in the MCU as Danvers takes flight in space and wreaks havoc on the Skrull spaceships.

The trailer follows the first trailer debuted by Marvel for the movie back in September, which arrived with much fanfare and was extremely well received by the online community as well (check out that trailer’s breakdown and a handful of stills). Marvel movies of such kind often get two trailers at the most. However, considering how early this second trailer has released, it’s possible a third trailer of some kind might come out in February to kickstart advance ticket sales for Captain Marvel, as generally is the case with how big-budget movies are promoted. The same happened with Marvel’s Black Panther as well and it appears Marvel is following the same marketing template for this movie, given that general audiences will be unfamiliar with both T’Challa and Carol Danvers outside their movie appearances.

So what did you think of the Captain Marvel Trailer #2? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments below. Captain Marvel releases in theaters on March 8, 2019.

Now bring on that Avengers 4 trailer.